Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sent with a prayer...

We had the awesome privilege of sending 2 Operation Christmas Child boxes back to church on Sunday. 

As we packed the boxes with the various items we purchased, the kids wondered who would get our boxes. 

We tried to guess which country they would go to, and what the child would like best when they opened the gifts. We prayed over the boxes when we were finished - praying that these far-away kids would come to know God through the simple gifts of soap, shirts, socks and other essentials. 

All three of my kids even made cards to put in the boxes and then were concerned because they were written in English. Little man said, "What if they can't read it? Should we write them in a different language?" My hubby and I assured them that they would be able to understand what was in the cards. 

My precious girl said "Love is like that. You can just see it."

I think she's right.

If you want more information about Operation Christmas Child you can link here.


Mrs. F said...

How sweet to have hand written notes!!! Your child's concern is just beautiful! I'm certain God will show them what it says :D

Have a blessed thanksgiving!

Kristi Slattery said...

Thank you, Mrs. F! We certainly will have a blessed Thanksgiving!