Monday, November 21, 2011

and your heart will follow...

I posted last week about the "everyday feeling" that I was having...(You can read it here.) I'll have to admit that I had a case of the galloping grumpies that day. (Ok, and the next one a little bit too...)

I wish I could say that I immediately recognized the problem and snapped out of it...

I didn't.

But I did decide to start giving thanks in the midst of my every day tasks.

At first, it was a bit contrived - it felt, stiff, unnatural - like a new pair of shoes...

Thank you, God for these sticky fingerprints on the table...*sigh*
Thank you, God for this dirty laundry...*frown*

But I was determined to beat the grumpies and I persevered....

While cleaning up legos for the millionth time, I could say
"thank you, God for my little man's boundless creativity...and a special friend to share it with..."
While stepping over my precious girl's hardshoes (for Irish Dance) I said
"thank you, God for her talent, grace and beauty...thank you for the friends that share her passion..."
While bringing another drink to little one (who really should have been asleep) I said
"thank you, God that seeing me makes her feel safe."

You know what? All of those were sincere.
No exaggerated sighs.
No eye-rolling.
Even a few wistful smiles as I realized that this stage of my life won't last forever, and I had better enjoy it now, or regret it later.

I'm glad I pushed through. It was amazing to watch God recognize my feeble efforts at being thankful. It was also amazing to see how quickly my heart followed. Soon it wasn't just a mind-exercise, it was honest-to-goodness thanksgiving and praise.

I wish I could tell you that thanksgiving immediately springs to my lips - but at least I'm thinking about it. And that is a start.

Wishing you lots of true thanksgiving this week!

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