Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Leftover day...

Even reading those words probably caused some of you to shudder.

In our house, leftover day is lovingly known as "clean out the fridge day." We eat up all the leftover meals for lunch so I can restock our refrigerator that evening with wonderful foods from the grocery store.

But let's face it, leftovers never taste as good as they did the day you made them. Warming up the food can cause it to become dried out - less palatable, less pleasing.

Over my break from blogging, I realized that I was serving God the leftovers of my time.

Oh sure, I opened my Bible first thing in the morning as I enjoyed a cup of coffee...But sadly, I sometimes savored the flavor of the coffee more than the bread of life I was holding.

Even time at the beginning of the day can be leftovers.

God wants the first fruits of my time. The time of day is unimportant. He wants my heart and mind fully engaged to listen, to learn, to grow...

I don't want to serve my God leftovers!

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