Thursday, November 17, 2011

A quiet start...

It's quiet here.
Too quiet.

The oldest 2 are still sleeping, and little one is looking at a book here beside me. It's so quiet that I can hear the coffeepot clicking, and the noise of my typing seems loud.

This quiet is a gift. 

God knows that sometimes I feel like the Grinch ("all the noise, noise, noise...") and my soul needs these quiet times to restore my sanity.

I could pray without losing my focus. 
I read my devotion without interruption.

But now that my coffee is growing cold in the mug and my Bible is closed, the quiet no longer feels "right."

Now that I've had some quiet time, I'm very thankful to hear my son yawning and stretching in his room. He'll be downstairs in a moment. I'm thankful to hear the quiet steps of my lovely daughter on the stairs. She smiles as she says "Good morning, Mom."  I'm thankful that little one crawled up in my lap and said "hold you me mommy?"

The quiet was really special, God. But now I'm ready to start my day.

How do you like to start your day?

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Fawn said...

I like to start my day by laying in the bed with my face to the sky thanking God for another day. Then I head to the community room at our building to get my hubby coffee and sometimes I'll get tea or decaf coffee for myself. Then we enjoy our drinks together and enjoy the morning. He gets dressed for work and I start working on my computer at my home office. And that's how we start each day...and we love it.