Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First things first...

We're in a kind of "Holiday Limbo" around here...

The Christmas lights are on the bushes and trees and also neatly line our roof. They look so beautiful twinkling in the darkness.

But, I also have pumpkins on the front porch. They are still beautiful in their oranges, greens and yellows and they remind me that the time of Thanksgiving is not yet over...

Had it not been for the 60+ degree weather around here last weekend, we would never have had our Christmas lights up so early. My husband wisely decided to take advantage of the warmth to hang the Christmas lights with our neighbor and his son. (I guess he didn't enjoy hanging Christmas lights in the freezing cold last year...)

It almost feels like we're trying to celebrate two holidays at once. But maybe that's ok.

You see, I want my children to approach the Christmas season with Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving for a God who loved us enough to send His Son, Jesus, to be Emmanuel, God with us. Without that amazing gift, there would be nothing to celebrate at Christmas.

Thanksgiving for a home, plenty of food, family and friends, and the other innumerable blessings we enjoy because there are so many who are without those things.

I saw a full-page ad in the Sunday Paper from an insurance company that said simply:
"Celebrate Thanksgetting" 

To counteract this, and other negative messages, I think I'm going to keep the pumpkins up for a little while longer...

...just so we don't forget to give thanks first.

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