Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Vocabulary and truth...

As a homeschooling mom, I am blessed to be able to pour into my children every day. I'll admit though that there are days when I just wonder if they have heard a single word I've ever said...

Then, there are days when you see fruit and the reward is great!

Today, Little Man was working on his vocabulary lesson. It involved reading a short selection and answering some questions. He said, "Mom, I don't think I can read this." I just smiled at him and said that I was sure he could read all the words in the paragraphs. Little Man said, "No, mommy. I really don't think I can read this. It says that the planets were made by explosions and it's just lies, mommy."

He had my attention now.
My Little Man : )
I asked him what was wrong with what the article said and his answer blew me away.

"It makes it seem like God didn't make everything and he did."

As I hugged him close, I leaned over to look at his paper. In his 7 year old handwriting he wrote over the offending lines:

"This is not truth. God made everything."

Even in something as innocuous as a vocabulary workbook, we've seen things that we know aren't Biblical truths. But I've always just looked at them as opportunities to teach my children the difference between what the world thinks, and what we believe.

I thanked God for this moment to hear Little Man speak his beliefs, and I thanked my precious son for making today extra special for his mommy.

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