Thursday, February 02, 2012

Book review: The Good Wife's Guide...

I have had the privilege of reviewing a copy of Darlene Schacht's new book, The Good Wife's Guide.

Darlene's blog, Time-Warp Wife, is a tremendous source of wisdom and encouragement to me. Her beliefs and her vision for what marriage should be are solidly Biblical and completely practical! 

Some of her chapters speak about managing ourselves, overcoming selfishness, setting priorities, spending our time wisely...too many things to mention here!!! 

Her advice touches on things that all of us, as keepers of our homes, need to embrace! When speaking about prioritizing she says:
Saying "no" today isn't about closing a door; it's leaving a room empty enough for God to fill it with something better.
- Darlene Schacht, The Good Wife's Guide

This book has blessed me tremendously and has really been a driving force behind some of the practical changes I've been making. 

I'd encourage all of my readers to get a copy of this wonderful, life-giving book! She has a link right on her website to purchase the book from Amazon. (Time-Warp Wife Blog)

Although I did receive a free copy of this book, the opinions expressed here are solely my own regarding her work. I do not stand to benefit financially if you buy a copy of the book - I just really think it is worth reading!! : )

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