Monday, April 19, 2010

Who am I?

I was privileged to hear a wonderful message on Sunday that challenged me to really think and examine myself. The speaker challenged us to evaluate how we and how others define who we are. Today as we start a new week of schooling, I want to extend the challenge to helping my children know who they are.

One of the greatest gifts we as homeschooling parents can give to our children is to let them know they are "fearfully and wonderfully made" by a loving Heavenly Father to do good work He has planned for them. We need to make sure we daily remind them of that. God has a plan for them and you as their mother and teacher will be in the trenches with them watching this plan unfold. I am blessed every day that I see fruit from the training and correction that is applied in their lives. (And when I don't see the fruit I remind myself that it will come!)

Further, homeschooling allows us to be flexible in our educational approaches. Our children won't have to try and stuff themselves into artificial molds so they can "fit in" in a school environment. They can be who they are more fully. They can be who the Master Potter created them to be, and be celebrated instead of restrained. Delight in the uniqueness of your children! My son likes to do his reading assignments hanging upside down off of the couch in our school room. I am thankful that his wonderful little boy energy can be channeled instead of him being told it is "unacceptable." My daughter is an endless doodler in her notebooks. It is not a sign of a distracted child. It actually helps her to concentrate on what is being said. Our children will do their best, not by manipulation or the promise of a reward but because they know they are working for Jesus. What a blessing they will be to future employers!

Every day we homeschool we are "training up our children." May God bless you with renewed commitment to help your children know who they are.

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