Tuesday, April 27, 2010

White Noise...

Every night before my little one goes to sleep we turn on a fan in her room for "white noise." The droning noise drowns out all the background noises in our house. This morning, I was trying to concentrate on my time with the Lord, but I kept getting distracted. Ideas for the co op class I'm going to teach, the dinner menu, something that should be added into the homeschool portfolio...all these ideas were buzzing around in my head. I must have re-read the chapter in Ephesians 3 times before it dawned on me - I wasn't giving God my full attention. I was frustrated that I, once again, allowed the white noise of my life to cut into my time with my Father.

I looked up from my Bible and saw the sign above the fireplace. "Be still and know I am God." I don't think God intended it as a mere suggestion. So, why is it so hard to actually be still? What am I missing in my relationship with Jesus because His voice is drowned out by all the white noise? Do I know the true voice of my Shepherd, or only the part that cuts through all the other "stuff" that I'm thinking or doing at the moment?

When we fully give our attention to Jesus, nothing else seems important, nothing else matters. Today, I want to hear His voice. I know he's speaking to me. I want to be able to answer like Samuel, "Speak, for your servant hears." No more white noise. It's time to turn off the fan!

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