Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Preserving memories...

Last evening I had the joyful task of deciding which photos to purchase from our good friend, a professional photographer. Seeing each of my kids' sweet faces captured by her camera almost reduced me to tears. (Ok, so I cried on the way home.) How did they get so big? Where did the time go? I was most awestruck by the joy and love that was captured by her lens. Pictures of piggy back rides and tickle fights, a sweet kiss by my husband, my son taking the baby's hand... Spontaneous moments that may have been lost forever had our dear friend not been there.

Not every moment can be captured on film, but today I'm going to focus on the "camera" in my heart and mind. It's the one that whispers "click" when you glimpse a beautiful sunrise or a perfect flower, or a precious family moment. You know, that I wish time could stand still feeling. I'm struck by how easy it is to forget all the beautiful little moments of every day. The sweet smell of a freshly-washed toddler, my son telling me that I'm the "beautifulest mommy ever," my daughter snuggling up with me on her bed and pouring out her heart, catching my husband's eye over the chaos of three little ones...I choose to remember this.

As you watch your precious family today, let your heart whisper "click" for those little moments, and then thank God for the privilege of remembering.

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