Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Coffee with my Father

I am a self-confessed coffee fanatic. Next to running out of diapers, not having coffee in the house requires immediate action. I love meeting friends at a coffee house and sitting and chatting over steaming cups of caffeinated goodness. Unless I'm terribly short on cash, I'm always up for a coffee date with friends.

Not so long ago, I was convicted, not that I was drinking too much coffee (thank goodness), but that I wasn't having coffee with the right "person".  I would wake up and enjoy a cup of coffee and (on very rare occasions) enjoy some quiet before the children awoke. But my Bible was in the basket next to the recliner virtually unopened outside of church on Sunday. Sure, I had some really good excuses for why I didn't have time for devotions and prayer (you who homeschool understand) but God whispered to me "Come away with me for a bit, we'll drink coffee and chat like old friends too." So, I did. I poured myself a fresh cup of coffee and opened my Bible and started to read and pray. I felt the Lord's presence in an exciting way that morning as I had coffee with my Heavenly Father. I prayed for my still-sleeping children, for my husband and for the many other things that I never quite got around to praying about (like school of all things). I opened God's word and read scriptures with new eyes.

I encourage you to wake up a little earlier and turn your home into God's coffee house. He desperately wants to meet with you!

God bless!

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