Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To Do List, Interrupted...

Yesterday there was a flurry of activity around our house. My son dubbed me the "cleaning tornado" and I have an organized closet and peaceful master bedroom to show for it. This morning I was in the midst of making a to-do list for the next several days with all the big projects to accomplish when God interrupted my list at about number 23...

Check your email.
Ok, God. Should I try and tackle Kevin's closet or the basement bookshelf first??

When I looked, I realized how insignificant my projects truly were. A dear friend of mine is in the ICU with preeclampsia complications following the birth of her precious and long-awaited little girl. Another dear friend's precious grandmother has taken a turn for the worse. I'm sure they aren't the only ones hurting or sick today and I was moved to tears with thankfulness that God drew my attention to what really matters.

My revised list looks something like this...
1. Wait on the Lord
2. Pray
3. Repeat

I thank God that he never forgets his hurting, broken people. I thank God for his faithfulness. I thank God for the opportunity to pray. I thank God for an interrupted to-do list.

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