Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In defense of fatherhood...

On Saturday I watched a father out playing with his kids with complete abandon and joy. The sight brought tears to my eyes. A sight that should be so normal, so everyday, has become rare. Where have all the fathers gone? I've been dismayed at my son's tee ball practices that my husband and my father have been the few males present (other than the coach). My own father, Kevin's grandpa, drives 1/2 hour from Ephrata every Saturday morning to be there to help coach because no other fathers were there and/or willing that first practice. What is going on with our society when even tee ball is showing signs of absentee fathers? I understand that some must work, and some are single moms but those are probably the exceptions. So where are the daddys?

This is another issue that has driven me to my knees lately. God has really laid it upon my heart to pray for fathers. As I watched a video at church about dads who are at Angola prison I was moved to tears. These men, whose lives were changed by Christ, were given an opportunity to break the generational bondage with their own children.  I realize just how blessed I am that my own dad was so involved in my growing up years. That fact alone may have kept me from getting in more trouble than I know! I also realize how blessed my own children are to have a wonderful, loving, involved daddy in their lives. So why are so few blessed as I have been?

I'm not a TV all. It's used in emergency situations only in our house (like when I'm too sick to move) or for a rare TV show that we all decide to watch. But what I've noticed as I've watched lately is, men are portrayed as complete morons on television shows. Mothers are the all-knowing goddesses of the home while the men are bungling, yet lovable, comedic relief. That is completely backwards and wrong! Where are the good role models for fathers in society at large? Are there any? Little boys like my son certainly can't even look to "sports heroes" any more. So it is, perhaps, no wonder that the fathers have left the sports practices as well. If no one tells men in our society about the Ultimate Father, nothing will ever change.

My heart breaks for the fathers out there that feel worthless and disrespected by their wives. My heart goes out to those that may want to try but never had fatherhood modeled for them. I know it breaks my Heavenly Father's heart to see so many men hurting and lost. I can't help but think of Malachi 4:6 "He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse."

Perhaps it can start with us as wives and mothers to model Godly womanhood in our homes: to respect our husbands with what we say and what we do.  To pray for them and with them. To show our sons a more excellent way...I want my son to grow up knowing who he is in Christ. I thank God that he has so many good role models at Church, and most importantly, one in his own home. Thank you, Brian for being a Godly father to our son, and a loving coach to those dear little ones on your team.

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Bonnie said...

This is so true Kristi! I loved reading this.