Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Redefining a "date"...

Candlelight, fancy dinners, tables for two...
grocery shopping...
grocery shopping??

image courtesy of Ambro
 Grocery shopping has a new definition at our house. It is now a date for my husband and I. Is it romantic to stroll through the grocery aisles with the love of my life?
Not exactly.
But is it good for our marriage?
Yes it is!

Thirteen years ago, this would NOT have been my idea of a date.

But now, in this season of life, it seems just perfect for our family. It's just a little excursion, but my husband and I get to talk and laugh and discuss things without interruption.

The bonus? The grocery shopping gets done, and it's even become an enjoyable chore.

The lesson I've learned in our grocery store dates is, it's not the location, it's the company that is important. And while, on occasion, it is still nice to have candlelight and fancy dinners, these little grocery store dates are enough of a break from the daily routine to make them fun for both of us.

How do you carve out time with your spouse?


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Anonymous said...

Ha! My husband and I also have date nights at the grocery store!
Not exactly romantic, like you say, but it is time to ourselves, alone, without the children. We have time to talk and catch up.

With 5 children, we take the time when we can get it, even if that means date night at the grocery store!


~ Kirsji ~