Monday, March 19, 2012

Finishing well...

Spring weather has come early to Central PA, and this unexpected warmth has been a huge blessing.

image courtesy Simon Howden
My magnolias are in full March?!

But this beautiful weather has also caused a huge problem in our little one feels like doing school anymore.

(Unfortunately, this malady struck the teacher as well.)

On Thursday, as I was diligently reading aloud to Little Man, I looked up to find his little chin resting on the window sill as he gazed longingly at the sunshine...

Later that same afternoon, Precious Girl declared that if she couldn't get outside sometime soon, she might just die...

Me, I was dreaming of hanging sheets and towels on the line for the first time this year...

In my Bible reading this weekend I came across the verse:
...and let us run with endurance 
the race that is set before us...
Hebrews 12:1 ESV

So as we all dream of Spring time and sunny days, the question becomes, how do we finish well?

How do I run with endurance until the end without having to duct tape my precious children to their desks? *wink*

1. Be flexible.
This is not easy for me as I can tend to be a bit rigid, but flexibility will keep everyone sane in these last few weeks of schooling. On a sunny afternoon, read your history lesson on the front porch. Your children can do their reading lessons outdoors. Spelling words can be written with chalk on the driveway...

The possiblities are endless and you will make memories as you accomplish your schooling. 
Everyone wins that way!

2. Be accountable.
In Pennsylvania, I am required by law to complete a certain number of days by a certain deadline. My first priority is always to meet the requirements so I can bring honor to God in my homeschool. However, no one ever said that all of those days have to be "classroom" days. Studying outdoors is just as valid as sitting at a desk. Also, this can be the perfect time of year to do a few field trips just to mix things up a bit.

3. Be joyful.
My attitude is contagious. If I'm dreaming of digging in my garden when I should be conducting lessons, my heart will be in the wrong place...As long as I keep my attitude cheerful while we do school everyone will work better.

Finally, if nothing is working, a "mental health day" may be in order. I'd much rather take some time off and get our hearts right and work on character issues than slog through a miserable day.


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Kate said...

Great suggestions! Spring fever is always a challenge, especially when you school year round like we do.

Found you through A Handful of Heart linkup.