Monday, March 12, 2012

Is your heart hidden?

Thank you to Kingdom Housewives for the image!

Yesterday, this popped up in my facebook news feed several times. At first, I ignored it. Sometimes the things people share are not for my eyes...But it kept drawing my attention...So I took a chance and clicked on it...

My eyes filled with tears as I realized the truth that this little image contained. As I heard my husband's laughter drift in on the breeze from our backyard baseball game with friends, I wondered, have I been living with my heart hidden in God?

Sadly, the answer for this weekend, is probably no. I've been living with my heart hidden in homeschool planning, recipe gathering, spring decorating and searching for local Irish Dance feisanna... I've been a bit distracted and (dare I admit it?) irritable grumpy.

Whenever the things of this world become my focus, I become self-absorbed and a bit less pleasant to live with. While the planning and recipe gathering etc. are all worthwhile pursuits, they should not have become my focus.

When my eyes and heart are firmly affixed on Jesus, I am better - a better wife, a better mom, a better friend...

I want my heart so hidden in Christ that my husband has to seek Him to find me!


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