Thursday, March 29, 2012

Train up your child...

Homeschooling is about so much more than ABCs and 123s. Focusing on academics would be much easier...

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But that isn't my calling, nor is it my heart's desire.

Of what use is a head full of knowledge if it hasn't been lovingly shaped into wisdom? What have we accomplished in our little homeschool if my children's hearts haven't been softened and shaped by the Holy Spirit?

Character training is so difficult. In fact, it is often the most demanding part of my "job" as a mom. But it is absolutely essential. In a world that tells us whatever feels good is right, it is my duty to teach my children a more excellent standard.

Sometimes, as I open God's word to train my children, I realize that I still need some work. *smile* But that is the beauty of training. I can speak truth to my own heart as I teach my little ones. I can apologize to my children when my actions weren't right, repent and go forward - hopefully in a better way.

In the midst of all the training, I feel exhausted. Working on first-time obedience with Little One is a full-time job in itself. Helping my older children learn diligence and perseverance in their school work requires my full attention...and I feel so inadequate for the enormity of my task.

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This is not a battle won by my human efforts. This is a battle won on my knees as I pray and intercede for my children. This is an ongoing work of God in my children's lives.

Just when I feel I am making no progress, God lovingly shows me the fruit of my labors. Little One didn't get what she wanted and joyfully exclaimed, "I didn't whine, Mommy!" Little Man labored over 100 multiplication facts with focus and smiled as I congratulated his efforts. Precious Girl folded some laundry as she read her Chemistry lesson, and I applauded her helpfulness.

As the Holy Spirit tends to my children's hearts (and mine too!) I know that all the love and attention poured into them now will bear fruit.

Some day, when I am on the other side of all this training, I will sit back and enjoy the beauty I see in my children.

It will be worth it.

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Anita said...

This is one of my favorite blog posts ever! Great job putting it into words! I am about to "graduate" a young man into the 9th grade at Penn Manor this fall and I am so proud of him. My 5th grade daughter is a delight as well. And I'd be lying if I didn't admit that we are all three working on our character development!