Monday, February 14, 2011

and the greatest of these is Love...

If you looked at love through the eyes of the writers of Valentine's Day cards you would believe that love is a feeling. While I concede that love is definitely something that can be felt, to give it the status of mere emotion diminishes its value. 

Love is not just the way my husband feels about me or even the way he makes me feel about myself. While those things are good, love is bigger than that. It is knowing that he only wants the best for me, even if it means sacrifice on his part. Love is being safe enough to share my future with him. Love is knowing that my spirit is completely safe with him. Love is knowing that my husband's relationship with God is overflowing into our marriage. Love is seeing myself through God's eyes when Brian looks at me.  

Love is saying "I'm sorry, will you forgive me"...a lot. 
Love is seeing others through the eyes of Jesus.

Love is a gift. 
Love is an action. 
Love is a command. 

When I looked at the sunset last night, love was painted in the oranges and pinks of the sun's last rays. And as I looked in wonder, I felt God's love surround me. For a moment I felt his delight in me reflected in that beautiful sight. 

We can only love because God first loved us. On my own I am selfish and grouchy and too busy to care. But God's perfect love can overcome our selfishness and change the world around us. Why not start today?

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